Our Rebuilds Available.

As many of you will have come to notice, here at Steam Workshop we usually have several 'project' locomotives on the go in the workshop.  A small number of these models belong to customers, and are being re-built or finished to order, (you'll find these purely in our 'projects' page) but most are owned here in house.  These models don't really fit into the usual 'Rail, Road or River' for sale pages, as they can't be properly described or photographed until they are finished, but at the same time, we often won't start work on them until a potential customer expresses interest and jumps the model to the front of the queue.  Models can be finished to your specification, and they will all be pretty much bespoke, exhibition quality brand new models.  As such they are never going to be the cheapest toys in the world,.... but we certainly aspire to them being the best!

Our current available 'project' stock list is shown below, and they can all be finished to your own personal specification, and will of course come fully certificated, brand new and ready to play.  Wherever possible we've included photos of the model we intend to use as the projects foundations, but usually that will bear only a passing resemblance to the finished article.  Lastly, we are constantly on the look out for future projects, so if you have a particular requirement or dream model, give us a bell (07816 963463), and we will see what we can do!

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