1 1/2" Marshall Thresher

Well, here we have a rather lovely 1 1/2" scale Marshall Threshing Machine.  I've been struggling to find any published plans for the model or for the elevator for that matter.  I've also not been able to turn up any other models like them, so I'm pretty sure these are one offs, built to the constructors own detailed scaled plans, and as such are particularly interesting and lovely things.

There's clearly a limit to what we can tell you about it, other than that everything does appear to do exactly what it should, and certainly every internal crank, shaker, drum, walker and winnower is there and they all shake, crank, spin, walk and winnoe (?) in the appropriate fashion!  Another fascinating thing, and truly deserving of it's place next to your Royal Chester!


Sorry It's Sold!

I'm InterestedI'm Interested
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