2" Clayton Steam Lorry

Here we have a very nicely made 2" Clayton undertype steam lorry.  Lots of nice thought gone into it to set this one apart from the more usual articulated high sided trailer versions, and we think the low loader trailer with the seat 'load' works particularly well.  Brand new and unsteamed, she's almost finished and ready to play,..... however there's currently the minor issue of a pin weap on the foundation ring.  It's a new and unsteamed boiler, so it ought to be perfectly fixable, and we haven't confirmed the exact details of where and how bad it is yet,..... this is just what the previous owner told us, but economically there isn't enough value to be added to the model for us to start stripping it down to have a look at the boiler and put it all back together again.  So we are offering it here for sale as a 'project' for someone to get stuck into.  Apart from that,.... it's a very nice thing with a great deal of potential.

Value wise the 2" Clayton has always been one of the best value for money examples of model engineering that you can buy.  If their value was translated into an hourly rate for the model engineer who made the model, they would probably be working for about 10p per hour!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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