2″ Foster Hay lifter

Stock code R021056

Here we have a 2″ Foster hay lifter.  I’m afraid this is where our knowledge runs out.  It’s certainly a lovely model and built with the same skill and attention to detail as the thresher.  It all works as it should and is finished in the same way as the thresher, which is much more ‘scale model’ than ‘model engineer’ in terms of it’s ultimate realism.  It’s a lovely thing in it’s own right, but together with the other two it completes a superb display that would be an impressive addition to any museum or collection.

The whole display includes the Robey portable engine and the Foster hay lifter and is listed here separately.  It comes on a large aluminium table that bolts together, and the three individual diorama sections bolt together in place so that it all becomes secure.  There is also a large cover box that fits both on top of the models as protection and underneath them as a neater display table.

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