2" Fowler A7

Here we have a nicely made 2" Fowler A7 traction engine, built to the MJ Engineering design.  This is a used, but generally mechanically very tidy machine.  The paintwork could do with the odd touch up here n there, and lining unfortunately leaves a great deal to be desired, having been applied freehand but by the looks of it with a brush rather than any proper lining tools.  It gives a passable impression of the correct Fowler lining, but is obviously overly thick, and a bit wiggly!

Mechanically though, and boiler wise, she is both well built and sound.  We've steamed her here in the works and this is a very sweet running little machine.

More information and photos to follow, but if you'd like to know more in the meantime, please do give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry its Sold!

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