2" Fowler A7

Here we have a rare opportunity to get hold of one of our very own Steam Workshop 'builds'.  In this case Steam Workshop build number 13.  Over the years we've undertaken several rebuild projects upon interesting or unusual models that we felt worthy of the time and investment that it takes to rebuild a model completely.  In this case, this is the very first and so far only time that we've ever 'built' a model rather than ostensibly rebuilding what's there.  We cheated a little, as we started with a part built Fowler A7 to the well respected drawings published by MJ Engineering, but there was still most of the work to be done so we felt that 're-build' didn't quite cut it this time!  There is a page on our projects gallery showing some of the processes and build stages of this model, and there's a link to that page at the bottom of this one so you can see some of the work behind the finished article.  We are really proud of the result, which is of course completely hand painted and lined out as well.

Currently she's brand new, un-steamed and in exhibition condition, although the boiler is fully tested and we are confident that everything should work, and we could easily commission it if required.  We built her a few years ago now for display to a customer's requirements but he recently decided that the Fowler was a little too big and downsized to a 1 1/2" Scale Alchin, with us taking the Fowler back into stock as a part exchange.  It's currently the only model we now have to show off the quality of the work that is produced in our workshops, so we are half minded to keep it as an example of what we can do.  But at the same time we are a business, and so trying to keep a sensible eye on selling more than we keep seems the more appropriate way to go!

Have a look at the photos below, and if you'd like to know anything please do just give us a bell for a chat.  The nameplate 'Carol' has been removed since we bought the model back into stock.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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