2" Fowler K5

Here we have a well on the way 2" scale Fowler K5 Ploughing engine.  An interesting project for someone this is going to be!  It's more or less complete,.... it's steamed and it has run, however!  The steel boiler is the scruffiest looking thing that we've ever seen, we wouldn't dream of testing it let alone attempting to get it certificated.  we presume that it's strong enough to fire up and trundle around your private back garden if you fancy chancing it, but we don't think it's certificatable.  To that end, you're really going to need a new boiler and we've priced this one therefore as essentially a part built model with a temporary boiler in place to enable the fixture and fit of everything to be set up before stripping and painting.

To the rest of the model!  Generally the workmanship is also a bit on the agricultural side.  It's certainly never destined to be a competition winner, but it is a very good start for someone who is willing to put in the hours draw filing up the motion work, fettling up the fabricated cylinder block, cleaning off all the rust from the bunker,.... generally tidying and neatening the whole thing up.  If you approach this one with that in mind then there is a rare, handsome, and pretty big 2" scale Fowler waiting to emerge!

Have a good look at the photos and as long as you go into it with your eyes open, this is a lot of model with a lot of potential for the money!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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