2" Fowler Showmans

Here we have another lovely 2" Fowler DCC Showman's engine to the well respected and nicely detailed Plastow 'Princes' design.  We sold a very similar one last month and are happy to have another coming in so soon afterwards.

This model is particularly well built, with a sound copper boiler and as always can come with a full new boiler certificate.  The paint finish is really very tidy, with nicely done lining, and it runs very nicely on air.  All the bells and whistles are there, even down to the simpling valve for the compound cylinder block,..... as with all well built 2" Fowler Showmans models, it's really a very involved and complex bit of model engineering.

However!  At some point the Ashpan and grate has been misplaced, as have the safety valves (presumably the last time they came off for it's hydraulic boiler test, as the test blanking plate is still in place.  There are therefore two prices for this one.  One price for her as she is, for you to make an ashpan and safety valves, and the higher price for us to do it al for you and supply the engine ready to play.

If you'd like any more information, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

£5750  -   As is, minus ashpan, grate and safety valves

Sorry It's Sold!

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