3½" GWR Armstrong

Stock code L031004

Here we have a rather beautiful and as far as we are aware unique 3 1/2" gauge model of a GWR Armstrong Goods engine from around 1873.  It's a beautifully and delicately made model that we've had squirreled away in the 'keepers' collection for some time now, but sadly we can't keep them all so it's reluctantly and finally made it's way to the for sale page!

More details to follow shortly, (as usual we are snowed under with work that we are trying to get through) but for now have a good look at the photos to hopefully give you the general idea!

As with most of our models, what you see isn't necessarily what you get!  We often photograph models pretty much as they come in to us, and then when someone phones to say they are interested we pull the model into our workshops and make sure everything is tested, sorted and ready to go.  So if you see the odd model photograph with a fitting missing or a return crank in the wrong place, that's just how it came in and certainly not how it will leave.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry it's sold!


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