3½" LMS Stanier Mogul

Here we have a nicely made 3 1/2" gauge LMS Stanier Mogul, made to the well respected 'Princess Marina' design by LBSC.  This is a very crisp example made by a very capable model engineer.  There's some nice detail on it and it's not been particularly heavily run.

Fitted with an injector, as well as a twin ram axle pump between the frames with footplate mounted bypass valve and of course the hand pump in the tender.  Lubrication is a nice large mechanical one under the front running boards and driven of a solid eccentric between the frames.

Boiler is a professionally made silver soldered copper one, and can, as usual come with a full fresh 4 year hydraulic test and a fresh annual steam test so the loco is ready to hit the track and run.  A nice and tidy example of a well proven design that should just work.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463



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