3 1/2" B&A 4-6-6T

Here we have a 3 1/2" gauge Boston & Albony 4-6-6 tank. Five of these large suburban passenger engines with effectively a fixed tender supported by three-axle trailing truck for running in both directions were built, the design being derived from the earlier 2-6-6T D1s that were rebuilt by Lima in the late 1920s. A really powerful prototype capable of handling up to 20 steel coaches they operated mostly between Boston and Riverside via the Highland Branch and the main line. They probably also ran to Framingham on a more or less regular basis too. They ran right up until the time that the diesels arrived maybe in the late 1940's or very early 1950's.

The model is nicely made with a good level of detail, and is very nearly there with what appears to be pretty much just the remaining plumbing to see it run. The boiler is well made, silver soldered copper and can come with a fresh 4 year twice working pressure hydraulic test. Have a good look at the photos and give us a bell if you'd like to know any more information.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Stock Code: L031322

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