3 1/2" Foden 'E Type'

Here we have, advertised on behalf of our friends over at Berrybrook Steam, a particularly unusual model of the Foden E-type wagon. As far as I'm aware, no E-Type wagons survived into preservation, however this has been built to a detailed standard in an attempt to fill this gap. It is finished in a red livery with six cast iron wheels on solid rubber tires. It is a vertical boiler with sealed, double action motion beneath the cap. We have recently gave the engine a rebuild and carried out some other work to improve the running of the lorry.

Although not a perfect model, especially in the cosmetic body panels around the front, it does lay down a wonderful basis to be something very special. It runs and steams well and drives nicely. Although a steam engine, the oil bath arrangement of the motion, high revving engine and prop shaft-style drive train almost gives the lorry the feel of being drive by an internal combustion engine - the exception being the boiler being needed to raise steam!

Overall, a pleasant piece of model engineering which, whilst in need of some refining, would be great fun for the prospective buyer.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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