3 1/2" GWR County

Here we have a very nearly finished 3 1/2" gauge GWR Collett County 4-6-0.  Interestingly, for some reason more people seem to have gravitated toward building this county design rather than the similar Hall.  We've seen quite a few come through, and they always work well.  It's a well resolved design, and this appears to be a well built example.

We sold this loco as a project, unfinshed and unpainted a few years ago, and here it returns virtually over that finishing line! The model has been steamed and run, but the owner moved on to other interests before resolving the remaining commissioning issues, reportedly the usual things like timing, draughting and axle pump/injector niggles. These are all bread and butter to us here in the workshop, so we'd be happy to sort the loco out for you so it's fully ready to run, but it'd probably cost an extra £500 or so for us to work them through. It should be fairly straight forward stuff though, and as we are super busy in the workshop we've decided to offer this one a little bit cheaper as a 'very nearly there' project for someone to sort out over Christmas!

The boiler has a fresh 4 year hydraulic test so you've peace of mind on that and the model has been steamed on a couple of occasions just to begin the commissioning process.

As with most of our models, what you see isn't necessarily what you get!

We often photograph models pretty much as they come in to us, and then when someone phones to say they are interested we pull the model into our workshops and make sure everything is tested, sorted and ready to go.  So if you see the odd model photograph with a fitting missing or a return crank in the wrong place, that's just how it came in and certainly not how it will leave.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Stock Code: L031319

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