3 1/2" Jenny Lind

Here we have a fairly rare beast, certainly this is the first one we've had come through ther Steam Workshop, a 3 1/2" gauge 'Jenny Lind' to the LBSC drawings.  Ans a super pretty little thing it is too!  This is a really nicely done example, very crisply engineered and finished.  There's not masses of detail here, as you'd expect with an LBSY design, but to be fair on really early Edwardian locos like this there wasn't much detail to be had!  It's a design from the early days of steam locomotive development and so bells and whistles were few and far between,..... indeed steam whistles hadn't been invented (well,... employed) yet!

The boiler in this little loco is silver soldered copper as you'd expect, and as yet the loco is brand new and unfired.  She can of course come fully tested both hydraulically and on steam if you'd like us to steam test it.  There is an axle crank pump fitted externally that you can see on the left hand side of the model with a bypass valve.  There is also a hand pump in the tender.  Lubrication is mechanical, and driven by a lever running off the valve rod at the front of the engine.

As with most of our models, what you see isn't necessarily what you get!  We often photograph models pretty much as they come in to us, and then when someone phones to say they are interested we pull the model into our workshops and make sure everything is tested, sorted and ready to go.  So if you see the odd model photograph with a fitting missing or a return crank in the wrong place, that's just how it came in and certainly not how it will leave.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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