3 1/2" Juliet

Here we have a rather beautiful 3 1/2" gauge modified Juliet.  A lovely example of both crisp model engineering, and skilful painting and finishing, this is easily the nicest Juliet we've ever seen.  Even the sand boxes and the two lovely little re-railing jacks on the running board are beautifully done.  Fitted with Baker valve gear there is no discernible wear in any of it.  Lubrication is mechanical with a nice sized reservoir on the running boards.  There is an injector fitted as well as a hand pump in the tender (we are fitting the hand pump at the moment in the workshop).

The boiler is a professionally made (By Moorwood) silver soldered copper one, and it comes as well with a fresh hydraulic and steam test so it's good to hit the track.

An absolute little gem of a Juliet this, that will run every bit as well as it looks.  Complete with sturdy carrying cases.

For more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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