3 1/2" LNER K1

Here we have an interesting and rare model.  It's a brand new and un-steamed 3 1/2" gauge LNER K1 made to the published Martin Evans design,..... but this one is kinda special, because it was actually built by Martin Evans himself!  She comes with the letters that Martin wrote to the previous owner describing and confirming the build, which he took on as a commission for the models owner, and we thing she was the last model that Martin ever made, as he sadly passed away the year after completing the model.  Martin had in fact also partially painted the loco in LNER green, but it appeared to have been finished off by another hand, and it was terrible!  The paint finish definitely detracted from the quality of the model, so we took the liberty of stripping it back to the bare metal so you can see the wood from the trees.

The boiler is a brand new professional Bishop Ellis one, so you can be confident that's good to go, and the general quality of model engineering, although not of exhibition standard, is crisp, neat and clearly made with skill.  It's fully finished and has been run nicely on air, but will almost certainly need the usual commissioning jobs doing when you come to throw in it's first fire.  That said, it all looks, as you'd expect from a builder with such a well respected and prolific experience to be well done, and like it's got a fighting chance of just working!!

LNER K1's in 3 1/2" gauge are a rare beast.  This is the first one that we've had come through the workshop, so we reckon that either with or without a nice paint job, particularly with the provenance of the builder, you've got a lovely loco here and a little bit of model engineering history to be proud to own.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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