3 1/2" Rob Roy

Here we have a fairly new 3 1/2" gauge 'Rob Roy' to well known the Martin Evans design.  Whilst a fairly basic model, everything is machined and finished to a reasonable level and mechanically everything is pretty tight fitting and good to go.  The boiler is silver soldered copper and comes with a fresh 4 year hydraulic test certificate and a fresh steam certificate so you can be sure that side of the model is reliable and sorted too.  We steam tested this one at night, so although there is a film, which we will try to upload shortly, it's a bit rubbish by our normal standards,.... although you can see the sparks flying out of the chimney beautifully!

Fitted with a hand pump in the tank as well as a crosshead pump on the right hand side.  Lubrication is mechanical on the running board.  A simple and relatively inexpensive way into model engineering, and a great way to learn how to manage a steam loco!   More & better photos to follow shortly.


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