3 1/2" 0-6-0T

Well,we are not sure what to call this little fella!  Certainly a chunky monkey of a locomotive, really quite a size for a 3 1/2" 0-6-0, and quite heavy too, so we've no doubt it will do sterling work at your club track.  It's really nicely made, by a capable model engineer, and although freelance, is very convincingly detailed, and designed/built by someone who knew what a locomotive should look like.

It's solidly constructed copper boiler has an injector fitted, as well as an axle pump and bypass valve and a hand pump nicely fitted in the rear tank, which is of course balanced through to the side tanks for extra water capacity.  There is a displacement lubricator resevoir on/under the footplate, and the rare appearance of steam operated drain cocks on a 3 1/2" model.

For any more information, please don't hesitate to give us a bell.  07816 963463


Sorry It's Sold!

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