3 1/2" BR 9f

Here we have a rare beast in 3 1/2" gauge.  A BR3 9F.  This, as you can see from the photos has been a well used locomotive, and certainly wouldn't suffer from some cosmetic TLC!  It came to us as 'a sorted running model', but it certainly wasn't that!  The timing was all over the place, the return crank was spinning on the crank pin, the pony truck was off and in the tender and half of it was in a bag,.... so,..... we've been re-building and sorting it over the last few months in the workshop and it's now fully steam tested, running properly and ready to hit the track.

It's a nicely made loco under the scratches, and the detail level is good.  If you were willing to treat it as a running cosmetic restoration then you'd have a very nice, capable and rare locomotive at the end of it.  After consideration we decided here that there just wasn't quite enough economic room in the project for us to go that far with it in the workshop.  Most of the usual bits are there, there's an injector, and an axle pump, footplate operated drain cocks. Lubrication is from a mechanical hidden under the running boards at the front.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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