3 1/2" BR Britannia

Here we have an odd one!  3 1/2" BR Britannia, and a lovely model as well, but currently display only.  It's a real one though,..... by that we mean that what we think has happened is that someone has bought a part built Britt, and cosmetically finished it off to quite a nice, high level.  The chassis appears mostly real, frames, axleboxes, wheels, valve gear etc,..... although the Cylinders look to us like well done dummies at the moment.  The tender is essentially a servicable model engineer built complete tender, although no concession has been made by the finisher for getting the water into the tank,.... the filler being fixed shut.  The cab, cladding, smokebox, chimney, dome etc is all real, that is to say metal and to all intense and purposes viable for a running locomotive.  In fact it seems that mostly it's just the boiler that is entirely dummy and hollow.

Not sure whether you can view this one as just a lovely display model to pop on your mantle piece, or if you are a model engineer, a part built Britt ripe for a boiler and finishing.  Or how about a battery electric waiting for a motor adding into the firebox and a battery plonking inside the tender!?  The choice is entirely yours, but it's certainly an attractive thing, and has been very well done.  We bought a collection of these models from the same builder, including a lovely Black 5, A Duchess, an American 4-4-0 (Virginia), a narrow gauge Yorkshire Engine Co. Paraguayan loco and an entirely wooden King!  All will be photographed and added to the for sale page as soon as time allows.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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