3 1/2" BR Standard 4

Here we have a nicely made BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0.  Built to the LBSC's '75000' design.  Interestingly, LBSC maintained a personal correspondence with Robert Riddles in the early 1950's, enabling him to produce the 3 1/2 inch designs for both the standard 4 and the Britannia.   I know we have already had one of there in last year, but it is still a really rare model.  They certainly don't turn up very often.  The LBSC design for '75000' was actually published in the magazine "English Mechanics" because LBSC had fallen out with the Model Engineer at the time, and perhaps this has something to do with why not so many model engineers seem to have found their way round to building the design.

To the model.  Brand new, with a lovely, un-fired professional John Ellis boiler fitted, she's pretty much ready to go.  The bottom end machining is good, everything is nicely tight, but at the same time turns over both freely and smoothly.  The model runs very well on air, and apart from the obvious 'new model' teething issues, there is nothing to suggest that this one won't be a really good loco.

The paintwork is nicely done, but would probably benefit from some lining, should the need take you!  We can obviously line her out if you'd like, (it's a bit of a speciality of ours),.... but we decided for the moment that we would give you the chance to buy the model at a lower price rather than add the extra value and cost before giving you the chance to take her as she is!

There is an injector fitted, an axle pump with footplate fitted bypass valve.  Also the standard hand pump in the tender.  Draincocks control is footplate mounted, lubrication is in the usual 'under the front running board' location, and everything else is hopefully shown in the 'soon to be uploaded' photos!  Stand by!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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