3 1/2" Canadian Switcher

Here we have a particularly well made and superbly detailed Canadian National 0-8-0 Switcher.  Built to the Martin Evans 'Caribou' design, but built particularly well, with extra details like the working duplex pumps on the side, and the working steam turbine generator that powers the fully working lights!  This is the first 'Caribou' that we've had come through, and we have to say that we are pretty taken with it.  For a 3 1/2" loco it's massive, much more like a 5" gauge in terms of overall size and feel.   There is also a beautifully made Caboose available here with this one.  Again beautifully detailed, but more on that later,..... be sure to scroll down!

First thing to say is that the springing on this one is exactly right!  I know that may seem like a minor thing, and for some reason I don't recall ever rambling on about springing before on a listing.  It makes a difference, and when everything is too stiff or unbalanced it can transform a lovely model into an unrewarding drivers machine.  It's an obvious observation, but a loco needs to be softly sprung enough for the wheels to be able to follow the undulations in a track or it won't pull the skin off the proverbial rice pudding!  This one rocks beautifully, and we are sure it will be more than a match for most dairy products!

So she has a steam brake, an injector, an emergency hand pump in the tender (don't worry, practice makes perfect!).  As I sit here writing, I can't remember if it has an axle pump, I'll check and update the listing.  I think it does as the tender appears to have a return and a bypass valve on it.  The lovely steam pump on the running boards is yet another way of getting water into the boiler, feeding into the clack on the barrel.  Lubrication is via the mechanical jobby above the slide bars,..... and yes,... as mentioned earlier, the steam turbine on the top of the firebox is fully functional operating the light on the front and the light in the cab.  You're all set up for those midnight runs!  Very cool toy.  We like this one,.... did I mention that?

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Length (loco and tender): 48.25"

Boiler Dia: 4.75"

Cylinder Bore: 1.375"

Driving Wheel dia: 3.125"


Sorry It's Sold!




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