3 1/2" C&HP

Well here we have a lovely little 3 1/2" gauge loco that we are loathed to let go!  A Cromford & High Peak Railway Howrich built saddle tank number 47005.

In 1932 a first batch of 5 of these diminutive shunting locos was built by Kitson's to Stanier's design.  They were extremely successful so in 1955 a further slightly modified batch of 5 came from Howrich works, of which this was the first one delivered.  The coal bunker's were lengthened at the expense of a shorter saddle tank, but ostensibly the design changed little apart from that.  We've thrown in the Wikipedia link below for the listing there.

The model it's self is based upon a Juliet, the well proven LBSC design, and was a running loco with side tanks and all before it's original boiler expired.  The previous owner sourced a new boiler, and took the opportunity to make brand new body work to turn the model into something a bit more individual and prototypical than the generic Juliet.  And a very nice job you did on it too Andy!  There's an injector, and axle pump and an emergency hand pump in the tank, and lubrication is the usual mechanical job under the front running boards.  She steams very freely, runs very sweetly and has a surprising turn of speed for a little thing!  The originals were black, which would be a fairly simple job to paint up, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it.  Far too pretty in brass!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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