3 1/2" GNR Atlantic

Sorry It's Sold!

New and beautifully built GNR Atlantic to LBSC Masie drawings.

The product of a very skilled model engineer, the workmanship being absolutely first class.  It's all very crisp, clean and precise and without doubt the nicest Maisie that I've ever seen.

It's only been fired on a few occasions, and it runs as well as you'd expect it to on compressed air.  It's superheated, has a skilfully hidden injector, and there's been a lot of good thought put into how everything slots together.  There's a mechanical lubricator under the front footplate, a hand pump in the tender and of course footplate operated draincocks.

Although this is a finished model, and to all intents and purposes very well sorted, there are a few little odds and ends that are made and ready to be fitted.  The dummy oil boxes on the top of the wheel splashers are made and ready to fit (so four little holes need to be drilled).  There are also dummy vacuum stand pipes and hoses ready to bolt to the buffers.

If you'd like to know any more, then just give us a bell on 07816 963463.

Sorry, it's sold!

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