3 1/2" Gresley V2

Here we have a lovely little gem of a loco.  A 3 1/2" gauge LNER Gresley V2.  Pretty rare these, especially finished ones and nice ones.  The design was published by Clarksons (penned by H P Jackson) in the early 50s, and this particular model was built by a friend of H P Jackson's from York MES at around the time that Jackson created the design.  The Clarkson/Jackson catalogue from the period simply shows a photo of the full size Green Arrow, so we thought that this one could have been the first proving model, but we've since found the V2 built by Jackson, so we think it likely that Jackson and his friend built one each, and this is one of the pair.

Very nicely detailed and painted in LNER Apple Green, wearing the identity, of course,.... of the famous 4771 'Green Arrow'.  We've already had it slightly stripped down for boiler shell testing as the regulator was passing too much to maintain shell test pressure.  That's now sorted and the regulator has been lapped back in, so she's ready for steam tests.

The pictures hopefully show the quality of the model engineering, which is first rate.  The platework is delicately and beautifully done, the overall effect being one of a quality bit of model engineering.  She's of course got all three cylinders, and the correct Gresley conjugated valve gear.  There is an injector, a footplate controlled bypass valve for the water, as well as a hand pump in the tender.  Lubrication is a slight let down from a rivet counters perspective, being a large mechanical tank on the running board.  Great for the job that it needs to do, but for such a lovely model it would have been great if it were hidden, or a little more scale in detail.  Footplate operated draincocks, and a lovely footplate operated blow down valve to help to keep the boiler in good condition.  There is an extension regulator handle for ease of driving, and a superb set of bespoke boxes and tools that go with the model.  All in all, a little cracker this one.  Genuinely rare opportunity to get a quality model of a scarcely modeled prototype.

She is currently blowing past the pistons a little, as the packing is old graphite yarn and dry.  On our list to re-pack as soon as we get a second in the works, but if you want her in the meantime, she's here, fully ticketed up and ready to play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Stock code L031009

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