3 1/2" Gresley V4

Here we have a nicely built LBSC Bantam Cock V4.  This is the one that we were going to put through our paintshop to turn out in BR lined black as 61701 (The unofficial 'Bantam Hen') rather than the far more common LNER Apple green livery so often applied to Bantam Cock models.  Indeed the livery it currently, more or less sports!  We can still do this of course, but as we've got busier and busier, the poor V4 has slipped down our priorities list, and we've finally found time to drag it out of the store room to photograph, and offer for sale as is.

This is obviously an older model, having been originally finished in 1972.  It's a really nicely made model, the motion being well machined, and the boiler being solid, complete with combustion chamber and thermic syphons.  For these reasons we felt her a great candidate for a decent re-paint,.... as the paint is really the only thing that lets the model down.  The tender frame showing particularly bad paint loss and a small amount of surface corrosion, although the vast majority is simply where the paint hasn't taken properly to the brass.  We use metal etch primers directly onto a freshly bead blasted surface to ensure this kind of paint lifting and flaking doesn't occur.

As she stands, with a small amount of the usual fettling and re-commissioning she could be flying round your club track in her current paint.  Perhaps what we could call a 'rolling restoration'.  But ultimately the engine is absolutely worth someone taking the time to do a proper and thorough repaint.

For more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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