3 1/2" GWR 45xx Prarie

Here we have an unusually nicely detailed 3 1/2" gauge GWR Prarie tank to the Martin Evans 'firefly' design,...... albeit slightly disguised underneath a particularly gloopy and troweled on paint job!  (apologies if it was you and you are reading this now,.....!)  As you can hopefully see from the photos there is a really nicely done little locomotive in there somewhere, and although she's ready to hit the track and be played with straight away as she is, the model is we feel good enough to warrant someone spending a bit of time stripping back the gloss and giving her a more sympathetic coat.

Mechanically she's in good condition.  The machining work is pretty good, and there's no terrible areas of wear and tear.  There is an injector fitted, as well as the standard design GWR crosshead pump,... and there is a hand pump hidden under the dummy coal in the rear bunker.  Lubrication is mechanical and hidden under the front running boards, and the drain cocks are footplate controlled.  She can of course come fully re-commissioned and ticketed ready to play with a fresh 4 year hydraulic test and a fresh annual steam so you can just go running.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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