3 1/2" GWR County

Here we have a nice little 3 1/2" GWR County 4-4-0.  From what we can tell, we think this has been a finished model, but at some point has been stripped to fit a brand new boiler.  It doesn't look like it's been run much if at all, so perhaps it was finished cosmetically, without a boiler, awaiting the time that the builder could afford to buy a professional one.

The process has been virtually finished, and the model is essentially ready to steam, but requiring a few minor tweaks in the workshop to take it over that final hurdle before the fire is lit!  The paintwork is therefore a little tired, having also received the odd scratch during the re-assembly process, but it is still a very nicely detailed, and attractive representation of a fairly rarely modeled prototype in any gauge.  The price that we pop on it will be for a fully sorted and certificated, ready to play engine, and it will need a couple of days in our workshops before it's ready to deliver.  If however you'd like to take it on yourself as it is to push it over that final hurdle, then do give us a bell to discuss in more detail what is left to do,.... and we'll of course let you have it a little cheaper!

..... as usual, at the moment, photographs and more details will be added shortly.  We are currently moving from our workshops into a new and much bigger workshop unit, which is why the website hasn't had many updates for a week or two.  We are nearly there though, and will have a couple of intensive days updating all the new stock photos as soon as we get the chance.  Thanks for bearing with us!

If you'd like to know any more in the meantime, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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