3 1/2" Heilan Lassie

Here we have a well on the way 3 1/2" LBSC Heilan Lassie offered here for sale on behalf of a customer.  Those of you in the know will know that this is a model of the Thompson rebuild of Gresleys original A1 (A3) 'Great Northern', classification Thompson A1/1.  As such it comes with a nice set of etched 'Great Northern' plates from Dianne Carney.  That said, the model is actually right at the stage where you can make final decisions about how you'd like to finish it off.  Although the drawings (included) are for the Thompson A1/1, Thompson actually rebuilt a good number of existing locomotives into broadly the same format, and so this model is at the perfect stage for you to progress it in several different directions.  The Gresley P2's were all rebuilt into broadly this form, as A2/2s, so this could be a 'Thane of Fife' or an 'Earl of Marischal'!  Or perhaps as an A2/1, which were originally planned as V2's but altered into this form during construction.  'Highland Chieftan' or 'Robert the Bruce' to name but two.  Finally there was a batch of 15 A2/3s which had such wonderful names as ''Steady Aim', 'Straight Deal' and 'Honeyway'!

Anyway, enough nerdy talk!  Back to the model, which sports a lovely brand new professional boiler made by Cheddar boilers.  The standard of model engineering is very tidy, and the builder has made several modifications to push this closer toward the real thing.  The reverser for example is not the LBSC drawn version, but a horizontal pedistal type just as the full size.  There's a full set of laser cut platework to finish the model and a box full of bits and bobs to get you pretty much all the way there.

If you've any questions or you'd like to know any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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