3 1/2" Heilan Lassie

Here we have a tidy and ready to play 3 1/2" gauge LBSC Heilan Lassie.  As the knowledgeable among you will know, this is essentially a model of Thompson's 1945 rebuild of Gresleys original A1 'Great Northern'.  Although Thompson continued to rebuild and indeed build other pacific locos to this general design, Great Northern was the first and one off loco, given the classification of A1/1.

A full three cylinder model, as per the prototype, Heilan Lassies make very smooth running and capable locos.  It's a very well proven design, with a good few having been successfully made, making the model possibly the most financially accessible route into 3 1/2" gauge Pacific express passenger loco ownership.

She has an injector, twin axle pumps with footplate mounted bypass valve and of course the hand pump in the tender for water.  Lubrication is by a decent sized mechanical job under the front running board.  The previous owner has given her a bit of a spruce up before passing her on for a new owner to enjoy.  Fully certificated and ready to play of course.

For any more information, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463


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