3 1/2" Hielan Lassie

Here we have a particularly nicely engineered LNER Thompson A1/1, built to the LBSC ‘Hielan Lassie’ design, and presented in lined out BR Green.  We've sold a few of these now, but for those who might not know, the Thompson A1/1 was the one off 1945 Thompson re-build of the original 1922 Gresley A1 ‘Great Northern’.

This model is a cut above the usual HL, having been built by a award winning superbly skilled model engineer, and although well detailed is essentially to the LBSC drawings.  A full 3 cylinder loco model, mechanically this is one of the best HL's that you're likely to find, and although it has been run by the builder for a good many years in the past, it's been built properly, very well cared for, and is presented here fully ticketed and ready to play.

There are all the usual things, injector, mechanical axle pump, emergency hand pump in the tender.  Mechanical lubricator under the front running boards and footplate operated draincocks.   It has a very well made copper silver soldered boiler on it complete with combustion chamber and superheaters, and although it shows the unmistakable patina of use, and the odd paint blemish and chip, this is a superbly made model and as written earlier is fully sorted and ready to play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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