3 1/2" Hymek

Here we have a rather special little thing.  A petrol engined, full mechanical drive 3 1/2" gauge BR Class 35 Hymek!  For some inexplicable reason, diesels are rare in 3 1/2" gauge for a start, but a well detailed, 'real' engined loco is rare as hen's teeth!

Built with a model engineer made Edgar T Westbury designed straight 4 cylinder 'Sealion' engine, this is a very well thought out and neatly packaged model.  The model is powered by a pull start, whereupon the revs are then controlled by one of the handles protruding at the 'driver's' end of the model.  The forward and reverse gearbox, controlled through a clutch is in the middle, transferring drive to both bogies and all wheels.  The exhaust is fed into the blades of the cooling fan, and released through the tips of the blades, forcing it to spin.  The cooling air is then pulled over a coiled water tube in a drum to keep things the right temperature.  Water is balanced with a header tank as you might expect.

Fuel is contained in a belly tank, and the loco can be re-fueled whilst running if you happen to be engaged in a very long passenger hauling session,.... which due to it's weight, and all the wheels being fully powered, you may indeed be tempted to be!

As you can see in the photos, both sides of the metal body are designed to drop away, giving superb access to the internals.  All the lights work, as does the front number code panel, the horn,.... even the cab doors open to reveal convincing cab detail.

In short, it's pretty brilliant.  If diesels were our thing, and if we didn't already have a slightly out of hand collection of 'keepers', this one would never leave!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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