3 1/2" LNER A1/1

Here we have a nicely engineered LNER Thompson A1/1, which for those who might not know, was the one off 1945 Thompson re-build of the original 1922 Gresley A1 'Great Northern'.  Originally built in the 50s, but professionally re-boilered with a Swindon boiler, the model is built to the LBSC 'Heilan Lassie' design, and presented in lined out BR Green.  Mechanically the loco is fully sorted, tested and ready to play.  It's a full three cylinder and as such runs particularly smoothly.  It has had a recent re-paint, the tender and cab having been very neatly finished, lined and satin lacquered.  The boiler barrel would benefit from it's lining finishing and the same satin lacquer top coat to finish it off and match it up with the rest of the engine.

There are all the usual things, injector, mechanical axle pump, emergency hand pump in the tender.  Mechanical lubricator under the front running boards and footplate operated draincocks.   It has a professionally made Swindon boiler on it, and is another loco that has come to us from a very competent and careful model engineer.  Fully sorted and ready to play.

For more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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