3 1/2" L&B Yeo

Well here we have another lovely and rare toy.  A 3 1/2" gauge Lynton & Barnstaple Manning Wardle 2-6-2 tank Yeo.  A really nicely built model, as with all our finished models she is fully tested certified and ready to play.  This is quite a big loco in it's own right, particularly for 3 1/2", the full size being 1' 11 1/2" Gauge.

There are two injectors fitted, and a hand pump in the left hand tank.  There is a big displacement lubricator tank under the running board feeding through a footplate mounted sight feed that then runs into a regulator actuated atomizer.  The drain cocks are footplate operated, as are the sanders (working we think),.... there's even a footplate operated damper.  All in all a well detailed lovely model.  The machining work is very good, the rods all looking tidy and showing relatively little sign of wear.  The boiler is copper silver soldered as usual, and is in good condition.  We are about to give her a quick general tidy up where we will whip the boiler out for a full visual and twice working pressure shell test, just because the backhead could do with a little bit of a freshen up, so we are killing two birds with one stone!

The paint work is very presentable, and lining, although on the thick side is neatly done and looks the part.  The black on the boiler barrel and tank tops could do with a little tart up too,.... we might not be able to resist doing it during the light overhaul!

The photos show the loco before we've tidied up the backhead and test steamed her.

If you'd like to know any more, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!


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