3 1/2" Malayan Pacific

Well, we're pretty sure that this one is going to be unique.  A very unusual and interesting model.  A 3 1/2 inch gauge Malayan Meter gauge 'O Class' 3 cylinder Pacific.  Originally made in 1998, (according to the boiler history) apparently by an expat whilst living out in Malaysia.  The model is really quite well made, and pretty faithfully detailed.  The machining work is very nicely done, and although she is constructed with traditional slide valve cylinders, there are dummy poppet valves and rotary cam drives as per the prototype locomotive.  The overall effect is pretty convincing, and certainly gives the model an interesting twist.

We've posted a link to a couple of good websites with more details and photos of the real thing below, but in brief, in 1938 the Federal Malay State Railway (FMSR) locomotive designer H M Le Fleming began a design collaboration with the North British Locomotive Co (naturally) in Glasgow which culminated in the production of 68 'O Class', or 'Class 56' 4-6-2 Pacific locomotives.  With the full size locomotive being Meter gauge, the resultant model is quite a big thing.  More like a small 5" Pacific than a 3 1/2" engine.  The 'O' Class locomotives were essentially split into 4 incarnations, (561,562, 563 & 564 batches) and this model represents the second locomotive from the final batch of 40.  564-02 built in 1946.

The model it's self has seen a bit of club running over the years, and the paintwork and general tidiness reflects this.  That said, it has been well looked after, and is mechanically good and ready to play.  A powerful and interesting model, that is sure to get them talking down the club!

Really this is the size of a small 5" tender locomotive, so a very big 3 1/2" model indeed.  If you'd like to know any more please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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