3 1/2" GER T19

Here we have a rather beautifully made GER T19 in 3 1/2" gauge.  Made to the LBSC 'Petrolea' design, which although not what we would describe as particularly rare, is certainly one of the less commonly modeled of LBSC's ever popular designs.

Part built, as the photos show, by a particularly skilled and careful model engineer, the vast majority of the bottom end is there, and it's only a short hop away from being an air running chassis.  There are a few bits and bobs yet to be made to reach that stage, and obviously a good bit of work left before she's a finished loco, but the work to date is first class, as is the painting and lining, and the detailing parts that have already been made in readiness for the time that they are required.  The tool boxes, spring hangers and springs are particularly beautiful things.  A nice model this, that will look absolutely beautiful when finished and spinning round your local track!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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