3 1/2" OS 9F

Here we have a super rare and collectible beast.  Indeed the only one we have ever seen come up for sale.  a rather beautifully made, brand new and un-steamed 3 1/2" gauge BR 9F professionally made by OS in Japan.  It's no secret that we here at SW rate OS engines highly.  There's no other commercial manufacturer of live steam locomotives in the larger gauges that comes close on quality.  The machining is crisp, tight and detailed, the engineering is extremely well resolved, things like the smoke box is machined up with a freshly turned finish and then chemically blacked rather than painted.  The castings used are all crisp and again well detailed, and as a running model, they just all seem to work beautifully.  For this reason they were never cheep.  The 3 1/2" Britannia for example was for sale at £12,450 the last time we saw it advertised in the UK,..... indeed they currently offer a 5" gauge German BR24 2-6-0 tender engine and it's roughly £21,000,..... even their 5" Koppel 0-4-0 is over £12,000!  As with most things though, you pay for what you get, and with OS you get quality.

That's the background on OS out of the way!  The model it's self has an injector fitted.  There is an axle pump between the frames with lovely rubber boot gaitors on the pistons to stop any dirt ingress, and a bypass valve fitted on the footplate.  There is also the usual hand pump in the tender.  The boiler is professionally made by OS, brand new copper, silver soldered and unsteamed.  It can of course come with a full fresh twice working pressure hydraulic test and a fresh steam test if you'd like us to commission it for you so she's ready to play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!!!

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