3 1/2" Princess Royal

A part built 3 1/2 inch gauge model of an LMS `Princess Royal` Stanier 4-6-2 Pacific.

The model has been constructed to the H.P. Jackson drawings, the rolling chassis being fitted with all four gunmetal cylinders, with the central pistons machined and fitted.  The main crank axle is also done, and the wheels have been quartered and pressed correctly onto the axles.

There is an eccentric driven water pump.  The tender is essentially finished, and has been done to a nice standard.  It is fitted with a hand feed pump.

This is a good start made to a well proven design, and should make up into a lovely 4 cylinder pacific.  Photos will follow very shortly, but for more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

146cm long, the cab 17cm wide.

Sorry It's Sold!

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