3 1/2" Quarry Hunslet

This is another lovely and rare build.  It's a quarry Hunslet, but not built to the Martin Evan's Conway design.  Conway is a freelance design, based upon a generic 'Alice' class Hunslet, and this is a model of the larger Penrhyn Port Class quarry Hunslet, built to Ross Harrison’s 'Lilla' design.   It has recently been through our workshops for a full repaint and light overhaul, and finally ready to find a new owner!  It's quite a nicely built and detailed rare model, and is as big as many standard gauge 5" locos.

The Photos hopefully give you a good idea of the quality of the model and the finish.  Here at the Steam Workshop, was are quite taken with this little beauty, it's a very lovely thing in the flesh.  The donkey pump on the running board is fully working,.... even has it's own drain cocks, and is rigged to pump water into the boiler, which it does with handy efficiency!  There is also an axle pump with bypass through the saddle tank, and the obligatory hand pump mounted on the footplate.  The salter safety valves are actual working salters, the drain cocks are operated from the footplate, and generally she's an all round well thought out and executed little thing.

As a point of interest, he original 3 Port class locomotives were named Lilian, Gwynedd and Winifred, and we've gone for the one currently preserved at Launceston Railway.

If you'd like to know any more details, do just give us a bell on 07816 963463 for any more information.

£3500.......... Now Reduced to £3100 until Christmas!

Sorry It's Sold!


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