3 1/2" Quarry Hunslet

Here we have another 3 1/2" gauge 0-4-0 quarry Hunslet.  This one is a little more tricky to place as a specific prototype, so we would be grateful for any advice, or pointers to help in that direction. That said, we reckon it is based upon the larger Penrhyn Port Class quarry Hunslet, built to Ross Harrison’s ‘Lilla’ design that we also have currently available for sale.  Essentially it's another really big engine for a 3 1/2 model, much bigger than a Martin Evan's Conway, and correspondingly more powerful.

The loco is fitted with an injector and a footplate mounted hand pump both fed from the tank.  The drain cocks are footplate operated and lubrication is mechanical and hidden neatly away in the usual fashion under the front running board.  It is in reasonable all round condition, and we don't think it has had a great deal of use.  It is of course fully sorted and ready to play.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

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