3 1/2" Quarry Hunslet

This was technically another re-paint that we undertook, although it did get a bit involved.  Not quite a full strip down and re-build though.  Sold now and being enjoyed by it's owner though.

Another lovely and rare build.  It's a quarry Hunslet, but not built to the Martin Evan's Conway design.  Conway is a freelance design, based upon a generic 'Alice' class Hunslet, and this is a model of the larger Penrhyn Port Class quarry Hunslet, built to Ross Harrison’s 'Lilla' design.   It is currently going through the workshops for a full repaint and light overhaul, and very nearly done!  It's quite a nicely built and detailed rare model, and is as big as many standard gauge 5" locos.

The Photos show the model in various stages of restoration in our workshops, to show you what we are up to, and give you a good idea of the quality of the model and the finish.

The original 3 Port class locomotives were named Lilian, Gwynedd and Winifred, and we are nearly there with the rebuilt and gloss black fully lined out finish as Lillian.

More photos to follow soon, or just call 07816 963463 for any more information.

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