3 1/2" Rob Roy

Here we have a rather pretty little 3 1/2" gauge Rob Roy, to the well proven design by Martin Evans.  Built by an excellent model engineer who also built the lovely 5" gauge GWR Prarie that we have in stock at the moment.  The builder was a model engineer rather than a 'driver', so engine was only steamed a couple of times before being popped back in it's box for the next 20 years.

Everything is as you would expect, nicely tight and pretty much as new.  The boiler is silver soldered and copper, and comes with a fresh 4 year hydraulic test and a fresh annual steam test, as well as the original test certs from when it was first built.  Fitted with a mechanical lubricator on the running board for easy access, there is also an axle pump for the water with a footplate mounted bypass valve, that certainly keeps up nicely with the running.  There is a hand pump as well in the tank as per the photos.

She steams very freely and runs very well.  We reckon that this is a Rob Roy that you could enjoy using rather than just a lovely thing to pop on a mantle piece and enjoy looking at!

For more information please give me a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry its sold!!!!

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