3 1/2" Robinson B2/B19

Here we have another rare beast!  A 3 1/2" gauge Robinson GCR 'I' Class 4-6-0 'Sir Sam Fay'.  These prototypes hit the rails in 1912, the class becoming known as the 'Sam Fays' after the first one produced.  They became LNER class B2s, and then laterly B19s in order to make way for the new Thompson B2s.

This is a very nicely made model, and as far as we can ascertain is pretty much unique and to the builders own designs.  It is essentially brand new, having only been test steamed on a couple of occasions, (the inside of the smoke box still betraying some bright copper and brass surfaces).  The quality of machining work on the valve gear is very good, and it runs very nicely on air.  There is an injector tucked away under the footplate, and a bypass axle pump returning to the tender, which has the usual hand pump hidden inside.  Lubrication if via a mechanical ratchet system hidden under the removable front running board.

The boiler is also therefore essentially new, although like the model was originally constructed some years ago.

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