3 1/2" Swedish 2-6-0

Here we have a rather exceptional model.  A particularly finely made 3 1/2" gauge Swedish 2-6-0 that although we think this is technically freelance in design, is very convincing and had us scratching our heads for some time buried in research, convinced that it must be a model of a real prototype.  Based (again, we are almost certain) upon LBSC's Princess marina for the basics, but then the builder has gone entirely his own way for everything else.  Even the cylinders we can't see Princess Marina in them.  They are slide valves, and exceptionally well disguised cosmetically as piston valves too.  The valve gear is beautifully machined, with castleated nuts, tiny split pins and generally dripping with finesse.  The buffer stocks are gold medal winning good, with prototypically accurate conical telescopic captive springs and the most delicately machined stock we've ever seen.  The doors on the cab open when you turn the handle to unlatch them,..... the leaf springs are real and functional, the tender is double skinned and beautifully riveted.

The boiler is soundly made, copper silver soldered and of course can be given a full 4 year fresh hydraulic test and a fresh steam test before delivery.  The engine doesn't appear to have seen a great deal of use, judging by the soot build up in the smoke and fire box, although it has clearly been a runner.  Currently she's fitted with radio control gear too, although that removes easily and we propose to put her back to manual control for testing and commissioning.  Over all this is a unique gem of a model that someone of considerable skill has spent a great many hours getting right.  If you're looking for a quality piece of model engineering, presented as an interesting, detailed, unique and pretty locomotive,..... this is just the thing!

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463



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