3 1/2" Tich

Here we have, in the works, a nice little 3 1/2" gauge small boilered LBSC Tich.  Nicely made, and ready to play, this was a new, un-steamed model only last year.  We sold it back then and it's come back in again as a part exchange after only running on a few occasions.  The paint on the boiler barrell has suffered a little discolouration, which happened upon the first test steaming her at the workshop last year and has become a little worse with the subsequent steamings.  She's a green tank loco with a very greeny-brown boiler!  There is an axle pump with footplate mounted bypass, and a hand pump in the side tank.  lubrication is mechanical and the boiler is more or less new and can come with a full boiler certificate.  She still has 3 years left on the hydraulic shell (twice working pressure) test and can be given a fresh years steam certificate before she leaves us.

For any more information just now please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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