3" Atkinson Undertype

Here we have a rather excellent 3" scale Atkinson Undertype lorry.  This one is really thoughtfully done to just work!  It still looks just as it should, but everywhere you look that extra bit of thought has been put in to make it easy to actually use.  When you look at the general quality of engineering and crispness with which it's been engineered, it's just one of those models that you know is going to work,.... and indeed the lads had it out on the road for the first time tonight (MacDonalds evening run,.... where else?!),.... and are slightly in love with it.  A couple of miles round trip and they only used about half the tank of water,...... if only there was an IMLEC for road vehicles!!

It's got an injector, a very efficient crank pump and a hand pump for getting water in.  She's got electric lights front and back, a working spedo and trip calculator.  Lubrication is a mechanical ratchet pump on the side of the engine.  The brakes are really well engineered disc and calliper jobs on the rear axle.  All in all this is a superb thing, that looks to us like a model that will you a lot of trouble free pleasure, and has the speed to keep up with all the big boys on the rally road runs.



More details, photos and price to be added very shortly, but if you'd like to know any more, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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