3" Burrell

Here we have an exceptionally well made 3" scale Burrell single crank traction engine.  Built to the well proven Plastow design.  We've had quite a few of these come through now, but this one is the finest example that we've had come through. It's a brand new engine, and was un-fired when it arrived with us.  We had new tires properly vulcanised over the top of the strakes to make it better on the road and repainted the wheels (as the vulcanising process burns off the paint.)

The boiler is a professional silver soldered copper one, and we've given it it's initial hydraulic shell (twice working pressure) test, and of course a fresh steam test.  It therefore has all it's fresh certificates and is ready to play.

It has an injector, the usual crank shaft water pump, and there is a hand pump on the footplate.  She also has a water lifter fitted which, more often the reserve of the bigger engines, is always a nice feature to find on a 3".  The paint is neatly done, and is of course in as new condition.  It's a strange one this as we had it in initially around a year ago.  We commissioned it, sold it and popped it in a big box and off it went to Canada!  It remained in the box all year, until the owner decided that he would like 7 1/4" steam instead, and so the lovely Burrell found it's self back in the plane and ultimately back in our works.  It spent a year in Canada without it's wheels ever touching Canadian soil!  Time for her to go to a new home, and we can say with confidence that she is both an outstanding piece of model engineering, and fully deserving of a new owner keen to run her as the builder intended.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463

Sorry It's Sold!

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