3" Clayton Undertype

Here we have another unusual and relatively rare beast, one that we sold a couple of years ago and has just come back in PX for another toy.  A 3″ scale Clayton Undertype lorry, essentially a scaled up version of the well proven 2″ scale design by Robin Dyer.  Unlike the 2″ version which is really a little too small to do much actual work, and certainly not a lot of use on a rally field, this one is well up to the job of trundling about with driver on the back!

The model it’s self was built by an experienced engineer back in 1985, and has recently been the subject of a bit of a freshen up.  The tyres are professionally vulcanised on and look extremely neat, and the paint is fresh too.

The boiler is of course a Silver soldered copper job currently set to 125psi working pressure.  There is an injector fitted, as well as the mechanical pump driven from the crankshaft. For peace of mind there is also a decent sized double-acting hand pump in the cab.  The twin cylinder engine with slide valves actuated by Allen valve gear has a pole reverser in the cab.  Lubrication is mechanical with a nice reservoir on the side of the engine.  Single speed transmission drives through a chain to rear axle and the whole thing runs through a differential.

For any more information please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 7816 963463


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