3" Marshall 7NHP

Here we have a superb example of the Marshall 7NHP Traction Engine, constructed from the 'Pride of the Road' drawings available from Brunell engineering.

This is a brand new model,  being well detailed and beautifully constructed to a lovely standard.  It's been test steamed only on a couple of occasions and for only a couple of hours each time just to ensure everything is working as it should, the smokebox tubeplate still being relatively soot free!

It is a Four Shaft Tractor with the usual agricultural two speeds and stephensons link motion.  She is fitted with a working water lifter, eccentric water pump, injector and the cylinders are oiled from the usual cylinder top mounted mechanical lubricator.

The govenor isn't plumbed in at the moment, the port for the valve is there, and the govenor it's self is made to work, so it wouldn't take much of a fiddle to extend the drive to actually work as it should.

It's currently awaiting it's slot in our paintshop queue to go into top coat and be fully lined out.  Photos to follow very shortly, but if you are interested, please do give us a bell on 07816 963463.  At this stage you can even specify your prefered livery!

This is a chunky 3" traction engine at:

51" long x 21" wide and 31" high.

Sorry It's Sold!


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