3" Savage TE

Here we have a rather lovely 3" Savage Little Samson traction engine.  It is virtually finished and ready to go through our workshop and paintshop as soon as a space opens up (.....or someone lets us know that they would like it!)

This is a very cleanly constructed model, built by a skilled and careful model engineer.  It is modeled after an early Savage prototype fitted with the more traditional (and in our opinion prettier) fabricated rear wheels rather than the more commonly seen Savage cast items.  She is also fitted with a feed water heater warming the crank pump cold water flow with the cylinder exhaust.  Another nice touch to indicate the extra attention to detail that has gone into this model.

The model is obviously brand new, and virtually finished with a very neatly constructed steel boiler with expanded in copper tubes.  Left to do is only really the machining and fitting of the main Diff  planet wheel casting, and the planet wheels themselves.  It will run and work as it stands without the diff being fully fitted, but it is a worthy model and should in our view be finished off properly with all the whistles and bells.  There is also a lovely three quarter canopy to be finished and fitted as well as the painting and lining.

The prototype Savage Little Samson was,... as the name implies quite a small traction engine, and the model is correspondingly a very manageable size.  That said,.... it's only small for a 3" scale Traction Engine, and it's still not something that you'd be wise to try and lift into the back of your car without at least 4 strong men and the number of a good Chiropractor!

If you would like to know any more information about the model, please don't hesitate to give us a bell on 07816 963463.  As with a number of our models, there are two prices.  One for the model as it currently stands, and one for it completely finished and fully lined out in the livery of your choice.

£4750 in it's current condition

Sorry It's Sold!!

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